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Art-Project »Revolution«

Art Project

ART-PROJECT »REVOLUTION« consists of twelve short art films and small exhibitions, dedicated to the revolution in Belarus and human rights. Now we also talk about the war in Ukraine and protest against the

participation of Belarus in military actions. So far 7 films have been made, and in October the 8th film of the project, about the rights of LGBTQ+ refugees, was premiered. Every few months we present a new film, and in support of its theme we organize an offline premiere with an exhibition and other events.


The project was created by repressed Belarusian womendirector Dasha Brian and producer Maryia Kruk. The aim of the project is to further illuminate the events taking place in Belarus and to give artists a chance to show their work, talk about the war in Ukraine and support the topic of human rights. This is live art»here and now«, created in terrible conditions. These works can’t be shown in Belarus, so it’s important for us to show them somewhere else. Now the project is a large team of repressed Belarusians, refugees from Ukraine and talented people from different countries.