platformB is a production and discourse space for artists from BY, UKR and RUS. It serves the free development of art and provides space for individual artistic expression as well as interdisciplinary discourse. This hybrid art space is based on experimental digital formats of sound, image, text and video design. Together with experienced web designers, the artists create their own virtual spaces and projects and participate in a hybrid exchange with European artists in the context of post-Soviet debates. Live performances, installations, readings and discussions will be presented in the local cultural life and at guest performances.


Participants platformB addresses artists who are threatened by the aggression and repression of the cynical autocratic regimes in Russia and Belarus and who are currently dispersed in various European countries. Barely networked and struggling individually for residency rights and temporary funding, they are at the same time confronted with national appropriation or collective guilt. platformB aims to counteract the tendency to instrumentalise art and place it in a tight corset of nationalistically-influenced or »politically correct« restrictions. It addresses a community in virtual space that is aware of the common context and creates a protected space for free artistic thought that is jointly curated by all participants.


The singularity of the individual is to be respected and contradictions, oppositions or conflicts are to be accepted and reflected upon in a spirit of empathy, tolerance and respect. The reality of exile and war is thus confronted with the vision of a free, humane, unrestricted, solidaristic, collectively designed space.


Digital stage platformB is a project in digital space. Thanks to the creative potential of digital media and the creativity of a team of communication designers, artists and regional artists, a digital stage is being created that defines the computer screen as a performative and installative space in its own right and opens up new art experiences far beyond the filming of a theatre stage or an exhibition through perspective changes and overlays, delays, collages, video animations, binaural and multidirectional listening situationsand even interaction with the audience via their webcams.


platformB is an independent virtual space for artistic creation that aims to permanently change and expand performative possibilities. platformB’s goals are to support politically persecuted artists from BY, RUS and UKR in exile or domestic isolation by commissioning works and to gain international visibility and perception for their work through the internet-based format. The aim is to address a broad public and invite them to exchange ideas.


In the spirit of the democracy movements in the post-Soviet space, platformB aims to enable the interaction of a virtual community. By appealing to the freedom of art and its utopian content, platformB invites people to reflect constructively on the past and to link it to a future orientation.


platformB is a project of Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart, supported by the Innovationsfonds Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg. The opening presentation will take place at the ECLAT festival new musicStuttgart on 3 February 2023 at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.


Taking into account the current political situation, taking into account the interests of the various parties and realising that a discrimination-free space does not exist, in order to create the most favourable atmosphere for cooperation and a safer place for all its participants, platformB, see itself as a discursive platform for the exchange of different perspectives. We do not accept discrimination or any kind of assault based on skin colour, origin, ethnicity, nationality, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, religion, ideology, age, family status, physical or mental impairment and chronic illness. Regardless of their nationality, people in Germany are protected from discrimination by the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and the Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG).


Should a participating person make discriminatory statements or act in a discriminatory manner, the commissioning person undertakes to have a written report made after notification of the incident or to bring the cooperation to an end. All participating persons are obliged to prove sensitive content in their work.


In this case, the complaint procedures are to contact a trusted person in writing. For this website the trusted person is Anna Bakinovskaia, who can be contacted by mail

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