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Resist and love

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It’s a play about dialogue, the concept of diversity, the butterfly effect, fragility and responsibility.


My reflections on the friction that creates sound led me to create »Resist and Love«.


The piece is about resistance as an integral part of any interaction.


A sound is a signal that we receive, analyse and recognise as something meaningful that requires attention, a reaction, a response.


A response is a reaction to an external force, a resonance.


The resonance and the sum of the resonances create the sound, the information field in which we live.


Aggression and refusal to dialogue creates more and more tension and leads to constant resistance.


The desire to be heard provokes an increase in volume.


Increasing the volume means more and more pressure, more and more speed, which leads to splitting, to bursting of the canvas, to chaos.


War is a trap, a snare created by a totalitarian regime, a build-up of pressure and speed to force love into a centrifuge of counter-reactions, to drive people into individual shouting at their neighbours, because war has no face, we look for the face of war in people.


War provokes us to scream, because war does not hear, war wants to drive us into a hysterical scream in which we no longer hear the other, each other. The purpose of war is to divide people, to divide them into small groups that are easier to deal with.


War offers no »respite«, in war we become aware of the moment and its finiteness, unlike lovelove is the loss of control over time and the awareness of its fetters that limit the fullness of life.


War struggles with love.


When we stop listening, we help aggression, we feed it.


Resist and Love is a work of instruction, created as a result of an analysis of what happens in the interaction between the two parties.


In creating this score, I observed what was happening to me as two parts of the same whole, and the influence of these processes on the resonances that form the sound field.


How one side gradually adopts the style of the more aggressive side.


How much power it takes to break out of the reaction cycle.


How does the room react, what creates boundaries and how do you deal with the aggression within yourself?


»Resist and Love« is a challenging work in which it is impossible to foresee the process because it is a journey.