Alina Anufrienko

Film Producer, Composer, Musician

Born in Omsk, Siberia. Alina Anufrienko is a film producer and director by main education.  Through many years of performing practice as a cellist and drummer, through the performance of classical compositions and rock music came to performative and compositional work.


She got her first experience as a composer and performer in 2017 in collaboration with Theater.doc and its founders Elena Gremina and Mikhail Ugarov.

In collaboration with Theater. doc, Alina has produced 3 international theater projects
She studied free improvisation in the open class of composer Vladimir Gorlinsky at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory  in Moscow. She also participated in the Academy of Young Composers in the city of Tchaikovsky under the leadership of composer Dmitry Kurlyandsky.


In the field of theater she has worked on productions at the Laboratory of Documentary Theatre (directed by Daria Kovalskaya) for people with impairments. Using participatory art techniques to create sound for performances

Alina collaborated with museums, independent artists, film productions and educational platforms in Moscow.
She released personal and collective music albums in which she explored and experimented with the cello sound, sometimes reducing it to unrecognizable.


She is the creator of the »Documentary Music Laboratory«

Alina’s work, about people, about the fact that art gives the necessary distance for the manifestation of difficult and painful points in the interpersonal field. About interaction. Her works are only an invitation to the discovery and joint release of emotional experiences through the sound.


Currently living in Berlin and continuing her research into experimental music, she works as a freelance composer.


Photo Credits: Masha Ermoshina

Alina Anufrienko