Alina Anufrienko

Film Producer, Composer, Musician

The non-binary person Alina Anufrienko was born in Omsk, Siberia. Alina’s artistic activity includes cello playing, composition, sound research and performance in the field of contemporary and improvised music.


Alina’s interests include such topics as equality, diversity and society’s impact on the individual and LGBTQIA+ rights. Alina was educated in the following fields: Geriatric Psychology, Social Pedagogy, Arts Management, Film Directing and Sound Design. The cello, Alina’s main instrument, is an integral part of Alina’s identity and reflects Alina’s non-binary personality, and since 2014 Alina has been working exclusively with sound and music. With live performances, Alina participated in international festivals and collaborated with artists from different countries. After the start of the war in 2022, Alina was granted a humanitarian visa, which enabled Alina to move to Berlin.

Over the years, Alina has collaborated with Theater.doc, the Gulag Museum, and the independent media outlet Novaya Gazeta, whose editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. In 2022, Alina founded the Laboratory of Documentary Music Laboratory, which explored how music can manifest itself among other documentary art forms such as theatre, film, and photography.


Photo Credits: Masha Ermoshina

Alina Anufrienko