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»At least we don’t have a war«.

This is the argument that Belarusians like to use when they are afraid of change. Our hero is a worker and leader of the protest movement at the Minsk Tractor Factory, a company that is almost a symbol of stability for Lukashenko. Sergei Dylevsky was fired after his active participation in the workers’ protests. In our film we tried to answer the question: why did the strike of the »most loyal voter« lose, and what is it, the mentality of the Belarusian worker? While the premiere was being prepared, war broke out in Ukraine. We express our solidarity and support for the Ukrainians, condemn the Russian aggression and categorically oppose the war. In this regard, we cancel our offline premiere of the film, which was scheduled to take place on 27 February.


Glory to Ukraine and long live Belarus!