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Primary Noise

Project XYZ

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The project Primary Noise interacts with a space where the concert takes place. Different types of microphones (contact, geophones, hydrophones) are installed on the surfaces in the venue (doors, refrigerators, steel frames, cisterns) and all these sounds are processed live and mixed with the pre-recorded sounds and acoustic wind instruments played by Pafnutiy. In this way, the audience has the opportunity to perceive the usual space in a different way through the sounds of it.


This piece is an electro-acoustic music project by electronic producer Anton Anishchanka and acoustic musician Pafnutiy, where Pafnutiy plays alpine horn, trumpet and French horn and Anton works on soundscapes, electronic and live sound processing.

All concerts are free improvised and different from each other.


Here is private link for the one of the concerts – si=4895542bd1bf4fe6bb2e2d8a7b2dbbce&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=t ext&utm_campaign=social_sharing