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How to enter the German university (and why)

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How to enter a german university (and why)



–       It is an (intellectual) pleasure and even an intellectual therapy in a way (in a world of war and repressions)
–       Better carrier chances in Germany
–       Quality time for yourselflearning languages, reading books, reflexing on topics
–       Bonuses like discounts, travel pass, possibility to get a stipendium
–       Students are wanted workers (less taxes to be paid for them)
–       Legal residence in the country and residence permit


–       Preparation period is exhausting
–       You have to study, so if you hate itit is better not to start. But you will love itjust find your program!




➔   In DE12 years at school (Abitur), so
option 1) to have a confirmation of at least 2 years at the university (similar program)
option 2) apply for the Studienkolleg


➔   You will need to collect different documents, make apostilles… –) take care of this in advance. You should have an access to this documents (do not fight with your relatives too harsh!) or apply for replacement via your local institutions


➔   There are (almost) no entry examinations, but you have to have money (or a proof that you will have moneywe will talk about it later) and a language certificate. Please, choose the language you want to study in (English or German) and receive a certificate (for Germanminimum B2, for some universitiesC1).


➔   1) Choose your uni and your specialization


Do you prefer a big city or a small town?


Where the cost of life (like rent, food, etc) is more affordable?


Check the rating of the uni, their reputation, list of courses and professors


Special programs for refugees and migrantsmaybe for you?


Costs (private and state universities). Big costs does not mean high quality!!


➔   2) Check the website of your uni and when the study begins (winter semesterOctober, summer semesterApril)


Check how to apply for the studies, what documents you have to have. MAKE A RESEARCHyou will need to do it a lot later as well! ^–^


➔   3) Assemble your documents


Educational certificates


Language certificates


Certified copies & translations


Other documents




Obtain the documents required by the university


Check documents and information country by country at


Have documents translated by a court-certified translator


Obtain certified copies of certificates and of translations etc. (except for online-only applications)


Make digital copies of application documents
➔   4) pay some money

➔   5) apply (some documents like certified copies must be sent to uni-assist by real old-fashioned post)


And now another story beginsthe Embassy


What is important to know? They will ask you to provide:
–       A confirmation from a German university of the applicant’s enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) or of the proof of an application for enrolment
–       A confirmation of your financial solvency (app 11,500 Euro)


Option 1your rich friends in Germany (financial commitment)


Option 2blocked bank account


Option 3stipendium confirmation


–       A medical insurance (state and private)


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