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Zophia Ewska

Filmmaker, Photographer

Zophia Ewska is a photographer and filmmaker.


She was born in 1994 in Ukraine. Zophia lived and worked in Odessa as a filmmaker and video editor.

The artist worked as a director assistant in an international culture project at Rampe Theater in Stuttgart in 2022.


In 2023 Zophia and other creative artists created the performance »Wanderer zwischen Welten« in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.


The artist is a volunteer photographer for a noncommercial help group »ДІМ« for refugees in Stuttgart. She works freelance and is open to international cooperation and noncommercial work.

Zophia Ewska researches architecture and art. The most exciting topics of her work are solitude, space and self-reflective.


Group photo exhibitions:


2023»Residue of fire« (Rainbow, Victoria, Australia)

2023»Circle« (Seoul, South Korea)

2023»Fotosalon« (Stuttgart, Germany)

2023”Ukrainische Impressionen” (Karlsruhe, Germany)

2022”Voice and Vision Ukrainian artists” (Stuttgart, Germany)

2022”Sorry, No Rooms Available” (Uzhorod, Ukraine)