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Zmicer Waynowski

Art Activist, Writer, Photographer, Actor, Marketer

Zmicer Waynowski is a Belarusian art-activist, marketer, actor, playwright, photographer, vice-president of the Belarusian Culture Center »Doświed«. In November 2020, Zmicer was detained during the traditional weekly peaceful protests started in Belarus against fraudulent presidential elections. He was convicted under the infamous administrative article 23.34 and sentenced to 13 days of imprisonment.
When released and subjected to further pressure, Wainowski had to leave the country. Since then he has been based in Poland.


Wainowski is involved in curating, video directing, social experiments, and, since recently, theater projects as a playwright, director, and actor. Among the topics he is interested in are inclusion, refugee integration, and cultural diplomacy. The author of the photoprojects »А.k.a.лічнасцi«, »The REM sleep«, »Głosy Lublina«, »In Our Shoes«, and »Portraying a Dictator«.


Wainowski’s works were shortlisted in »The Small Scale Concrete« (Singapur 2019), »Helsinki Photo Festival« (Helsinki 2020) and won »WYSTAW SIĘ W CSW 2023« (Toruń 2023). He is the winner of the Medal of the Mayor of Lublin for contribution to the cultural life of the city. As the actor and playwright, he took part in »Divine Comedy International Theater Festival (Krakow 2021) and in Spazju Kreattiv Theatre’s «Writers Asylum” festival (Valletta 2023). Also, a playwright, director and actor of the monodrama »Anti-hero with a Thousand Faces« (Warsaw 2023).


Credits: personal archive