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Yanina Boldyreva

Multidisciplinary Artist

Yanina Boldyreva is a Siberian multidisciplinary artist working with photography (including photobooks), easel graphics, muralism, video, and installation.


In 2009, she graduated from the Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts (NSAAFA) as a muralist. While still a student, she began working as a street artist, creating murals on socially challenging topics. In 2012, Yanina met Ukrainian video artist Oleksandr Isaenko, and together they made several video and photo projects, which were shown at international festivals with »Duo Tone« taking the 1st place at the international competition »Video Art Review« by The Video community, Krakow. In 2014 Yanina started making photobooks and zines with print runs of up to 300 copies and organizing festivals of independent and self-published art books and zines in Siberia.


Yanina collaborated with Goethe Institute and was awarded its scholarship in 2014. Currently, she is based in Moldova due to her anti-war position and activism, creating art projects and showing them both online and in the Russian underground.