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Valeria Khripatch

Dancer, Choreograph, Researcher, Curator

Valeria Khripatch is a Belarusian dance artist, choreographer/researcher, co-curator of the Laboratory of Movement, a participant of international projects and residences, among which »Sasha Waltz&Guests« dance company (Berlin, Germany), »Con.divisione 11« (Mola di Bari, Italy), and »Artist House Mousonturm« (Frankfurt, Germany).


Valeria’s projects are aimed at overcoming traditional stereotypes of contemporary dance and performance, going beyond stage venues and formats by focusing on non-conventional spaces and interaction with the audience. In 2023, in collaboration with Tatiana Antonova, she finalized and directed »A Place« project which was presented in Radialsystem, Berlin. Before that, in 2022, it became one of the winners of Contemporary Dance Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Another significant choreographic dance- and theatre-based piece is »Contact zone« (2023)a three-piece performance which explores the forms of physical and spatial contact between oneself and the world. The project is produced by »InForm- Platform for Inclusive Minds« and cultural venue »Openspace« (Tbilisi, Georgia).


Since March 2022, the artist has been based in Tbilisi, Georgia.