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Sergey Shabohin

Artist, Curator, Researcher

Born in Navapolack (Belarus). Lives and works in Poznan and Berlin.


Sergey Shabohin is an artist, independent curator, author of texts about art, archivist and researcher of Belarusian culture, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kalektar research platform for contemporary Belarusian art, founder and editor-in-chief of Art Aktivist portal about activism and contemporary Belarusian art.


Owner of Gray Mandorla Studio space in Poznan. Curator and co-curator of several exhibitions, programs, and competitions, Belarusian art activist, author of lectures, creator of dozens of cultural initiatives, co-founder of, initiator of the program aimed at creating a Museum of Contemporary Art in Belarus. The artist is also involved in interdisciplinary practices: directing films and performances, collaborating with musicians and theatergoers, and acting as a DJ.

Sergey Shabohin