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Olga Somka

Fumage Artist, Artist

Olga Somka is a ukrainian fumage artist who creates her artworks with a smoke and fire from a candle.


Olga began practicing fumage in 2019. Creating artworks in a synergy with a smoke and airflow became Olga’s personal kind of meditation. Unpredictability of the candle’s fire helps Olga to let go of control and dive deep into her inner moods and emotions. That creates a unique artwork which cannot be copied.


On her way to discover her favorite technique Olga tried other styles such as acrylic painting, graphics and digital art. However, fumage, in Olga’s opinion, fits the best for conveying difficult ethical topics which prevail in Olga’s art in recent years. Influenced by the Russian war against Ukraine, in 2022  Olga created a series of artworks » At what price?«. These series highlight the terrible consequences of this war that nowadays Russia started 8 years ago, following a century of Ukrainian people’s oppression by the Russian regimes.


Olga’s artworks have been shown in exhibitions in Ukraine, including the »Art Country« contest that took place in Kyiv  in 2020,  and  the personal exhibition in Olga’s home-town, Poltava. Three of Olga’s paintings was featured at the Swissartexspo in Zurich, Switzerland, 2022. Olga was a participant of the exhibition «Vision&voises Expo Stuttgart» Stuttgart Germany  89.10.2022.