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Nadzeya Naurotskaya

Galerist, Curator, Artist, Psychologist

Nadzeya Naurotskaya was born in 1979 in Lida, Grodno region (Belarus). In 2001, she got a degree in Medical Psychology, and in 2005finished a post-graduate course related to the same major. Since then, Nadzeya has worked in various directions of psychology: from military medical examination to psychotherapy and art therapy. For a while, she also headed »The Vector of Life« psychological support center in Minsk.


Art was first viewed by Nadzeya as a therapeutic tool, and it was only in 2017 when she started creating her own worksfirst in oil painting and then in stained glass and glass work, eventually switching to mixed media.


In 2017, Nadzeya Naurotskaya moved to Pisa (Italy) where she launched »Roots« gallery with a focus on social art exhibitions.