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Nadya Sayapina

Interdisciplinary Artist, Art Tutor, Author of projects

Born in Belarus, 1989. Currently based in Poland.


Using various disciplines and mediaperformance, multimedia, installations, painting, text, and art therapyshe focuses on mediation as an opportunity to reveal the voices of »others«. Her starting point is the personal stories of members of those communities to which she herself is connected in one way or another. Her methods draw on the practices of community-based art and socially engaged art, where the artist  is tasked with giving space to the voices of the excluded and illuminating the issue through the means of art.


The artist regularly participates in international exhibitions, art festivals and residences,collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. She worked with Goethe Institutes in Belarus and Ukraine, was a fellow of the Goethe Institute Germany and Martin Roth initiative, CECArtslink, etc. Within the framework of the ASA exchange program, she was invited as a guest lecturer for the winter semester 20212022 at HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg.


Since 2021 she has been participating in the projects of Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart e.V.


Since leaving Belarus in October 2020, Nadya has been working on her ongoing research on forced migration.