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Maryna Rusia Shukiurava (Rusya)

Singer, Cultural Influencer, Promoter, Cultural Agent

Maryna Rusya Shukiurava (Rusya) is a singer, a cultural agent, a promoter of traditional Belarusian culture and language, and a cultural influencer from Belarus.


Rusya (from a variation of her name»Marysia«) started her music career in 2000 as a pro-fem rock singer, six years later she grew interested in etno musical research, switching from rock to etno fusions. Since then, she has been promoting Belarusian language and culture and fostering Belarusians’ cultural identity. In 2010, the performer shifted her focus from Belarusian etno code to Europe and joined the etno-jazz project »KAZALPIN« (Switzerland/Belarus) taking part in gigs and festivals for about ten years.


In 2011, Rusia formed »SHUMA«her personal project with which she became the main influencer in Belarusian etno-electronic scene. »SHUMA« received numerous awards in Belarus and was welcomed across the world, taking part in the selection for »Eurovision« music festival. One of »SHUAMA«‘s side projects was the unique library of traditional Belarusian symbols. »SHUMA« believes in the healing powers of music and sees a powerful therapeutic effect on brain activity and mood modulation in Belarusian songs.


Being a political refugee in Poland, Rusya created »SPIEVY« (»songs«, in Belarusian)a choir of Belarusian female émigrés that focuses on empowering Belarusian women in exile through ensuring their freedom of creative musical expression and building trust, close connection, and open contact in a safe and supportive community.


Credits: personal archive