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Chak-lui Chan

Performer, Scriptwriter

Chak-lui Chan is a performer and scriptwriter of Cantonese opera. In 2002, she established »Atomic Cantonese Theatre« aimed at promoting this genre by demonstrating its relation to current affairs and exploring the possibility of developing local plays. Through their adaptation Chak-lui Chan addressed power relationships and social issues. In 2022, however, Chak-lui Chan had to leave Hong Kong and move to the UK where, supported by the Hongkongese diaspora, she now works on the preservation and revival of the genre’s traditions. Her recent productions include »An Ungrateful Wolf« (2021), »Sword« (2023), and »Soliloquy in the Mountain« (2024).


Photo credits: screenshot from the film »The black Wall« (2022, director: Anson Mac)