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Anton Avdieiev

Artist, Photographer

Born in the small resort town of Yalta during the last decade of the Soviet Union, he grew up in the turbulent times of the 90s in Ukraine.


Having no traditional artistic education, became seriously interested in photography after encountering works of Japanese photographers of the 70s, early USA colour art photography and traditional street photography, and being influenced by German Expressionism of the 1910s-1930s.


After participating in local photo exhibitions (20122021) and »Three views on Ukrainian photography« in Kiev (2013) (before the annexation of Crimea), decided not to pursue integration into the art sphere for various reasons, and instead switched to theatre photography, focusing on candid and behind-the-scenes depictions of theatre life. She regularly takes part in photo exhibitions in Crimea.


After taking refuge in Stuttgart, continued to work for theatres, artists and art-related organisations, including SCHAUSPIEL STUTTGART, Produktionszentrum, Akademie Schloss Solitude.


He is currently working on projects that focus on the human ability to adapt to the world he has created, the significance of everyday objects for the visual recognition of culture, and his experience as a person displaced to a new cultural and political reality.