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Aleksandra Kononchenko

Photographer, Visual Artist

Aleksandra Kononchenko is an internationally recognized photographer and visual artist from Belarus, with a degree in Architecture (Belarusian State Technical University, Minsk) and a year of specialization in photography at Warsaw Academy of Photography.


Aleksandra’s visual language evolves around lighting experiments and portraying the movementboth as a photographer and visual artist. Fascinated with capturing the fleeting moment, she is open for creative collaborations with performers, dancers, and actors, contributing to the creation of dynamic projections for their performances.


As a photographer, Aleksandra understands the importance of reportage and has already been involved into numeorus collaborations with journalists, approaching such critical social themes as autism, death penalty, domestic violence, and labor slavery, to name a few. Her photo and video works were shown in Belarus, Denmark, Spain, Italy (Biennale Architettura 2018, 2021), Germany, Poland, Slovakia. Lithuania, and Austria. Currently the artist is based in Berlin.


Photo credits: private archive